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U.S.Xpress Xpress Direct Total Transportation
Arnold Transportation Xpress Consolidated  
We proudly announce the release of Xact Access, the new Web Portal. This fast, efficient, and highly reliable website offers innovative convenience that greatly increases our abundance of customer service offerings.
      My Profile-provides access to a customizable dashboard of information important to any patron. It also allows him or her to maintain profile settings and contact information.
      My Orders-allows a customer to request shipments for lanes on which they currently ship without having to call a Customer Service Representative. Users will have to depend upon CSRs less than ever before! Access to this function can be limited to selected employees.
      My Shipments-gives the customer the ability to locate, track, and view details of his or her shipments.
      My PODs-allows the user to view Proof of Delivery (POD) documents online and to print hard-copies of them.
      My Notifications-lets the customer set triggers to notify him or her and any other specified contacts when shipments have reached certain points of the itinerary.
      My Tools-provides the ability to view rail schedules for selected stops. The user may also set up and view weather information for up to ten locations.
      Administration-will give a company the freedom to control employee access and permissions for use of the web portal through a designated company administrator. This function is not available to every user.